10 top packing tips
when moving home

Let's make moving home easier

Label your boxes for specific rooms

Organising your boxes into which room they are for will drastically reduce the stress of moving home.

Use a marker pen to label each box for the room it goes in after you’ve packed it. This will save time by allowing you to find what you’re looking for faster.

It also means that our team will be able to properly place the goods in the rooms they are destined for.

Pack heavier items on the bottom, lighter items on top

This method is a good way to prevent boxes from getting crushed.

Heavy items, such as books and boots, should be placed on the bottom of boxes, while lighter objects go on top.

This will also protect fragile items from being crushed by the weight of heavier ones.

Make sure fragile items are packed securely

To prevent fragile items from becoming chipped or cracked during transit they should be wrapped in bubble wrap or soft clothing. This is particularly important for larger items, such as coffee tables and TV sets.

When packing fragile items like these, make sure your packing is adequate to keep them from moving during transit. Even heavily wrapped items can move inside the box causing damage, so be sure to use plenty of padding.

Tape screws, bolts and hardware to the item they belong to

It is incredibly frustrating to figure out what screws and bolts are for which item. Often, there could be hundreds of tiny fixings that may never make their way back to their specific destination.,

You can avoid this by putting the fixings into a plastic bag that is taped and labeled to the item they belong to. That way, they always stay with the object they are intended for.

Pack one room at a time

There are usually two types of preferences when packing.

Either you pack by room, or by category. From our experience, category only leads to more work at your new home.

Packing by room has many benefits. By focusing on organising by room, you can pack boxes in the order you would unpack them. This makes placing goods at your new home much easier because it will be in the same sequence that you would place them in.

Pack important documents and belongings separately

This makes them much easier to locate, reducing stress they have been lost or left behind. Plus, it will help you find them quickly if you need to access them at your new home.

To keep important documents and belongings safe, use a plastic box that is labeled for ‘My Documents’ or something similar. This way they can be packed away somewhere where they won’t get damaged or lost.

Pack an emergency bag for your first night

After a long day of moving, the last thing you’ll want to do will be locating your comfy loungewear. This is why you should pack an emergency bag for your first night.

Pack a few toiletries, some fresh pyjamas and even a change of clothes just in case something happens during the move that makes it impossible to get to your new home right away.


Before packing begins, take the time to declutter your home. Get rid of anything that is broken or no longer required.

This the perfect time to reduce the amount of clutter in your new home and save time packing unnecessary items.

Make an inventory list

This is incredibly important if you have large collections of anything that you may need before fully unpacked. Books, music collections , artwork, collectables etc. could be in several boxes. By creating a detailed inventory list rather than just labeled boxes saying ‘books’, you will save time and energy searching several boxes for one particular item.

Make sure spillable items are in suitable packaging

Some entire boxes and their contents might be damaged if they get wet inside, so it’s good to take extra measures like putting cleaning supplies in a plastic container and food in a bag within the box. Ensure your items can’t leak out by using containers designed for liquid storage.


There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration when moving home, from packing fragile items through to creating an emergency bag.

However, by following these top ten tips you’ll have the best chance at stress-free moving.

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